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Visual Artist

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I am inspired by the psychedelic hippie peace and love movement and have spent many years creating through paintings, music, video and all forms of artistic expression. I also have a strong interest in exploring consciousness through meditation, plant medicines, sound healing and connecting with the transcendental. I am a painter, musician and graphic designer. I also create digital media, web design and manage social media.

Currently working at the Velvet Chapel & Life Saving Distractions - Visit the Web Link below for more.

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The Velvet Chapel

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I create art of all kinds, paintings, digital, sculpture, music

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Graphic Design

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Creative C.V.

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Notable commissions

from public figures

Album Cover designs

And Publications

  • Pete Townshend from The Who
  • Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
  • Peter Hook from Joy Division
  • John Peel Exhibition
  • Grateful Dead Book and DVD
  • The Velvet Underground - 'Unpiecing the Jigsaw'
  • Dr John Lp cover - 'Live at Hayfield Jazz Festival'
  • Pink Floyd book
  • Work Inclusion in many news articles
  • Exhibited in The Beatles Museum
  • Music used in Netflix anime series BNA
  • over 75million music streams worldwide

New for 2023!

  • Jim Morrison commission to produce digital art using real interviews and images.
  • Director at 'Life Saving Distractions'
  • Collaborating artist at 'The Velvet Chapel'
  • Magical mystery tour in a psychedelic Rolls Royce!
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